Imagine blending the perfect cigar for your palate? Certified Tobacconist Patrick Potter can help you achieve this. We are proud to offer this service to our private clients. Please email for more information.



Through the guidance of our Certified Tobacconist you will have the rare opportunity to discover the origins behind some of your favorite cigars. We have created a month of weekly lessons on tobacco, etiquette and blending.


Our Curriculum

1st Hour will be an overview of each tobacco. You will smoke each individual leaf, make notes and learn about the origins of tobacco.


2nd Hour we'll take the variety of sampled tobaccos from the previous week and create binder rolls to be smoked. These are three or four leaf rolls to begin to build the blend. This is followed with cigar care, lighting and cutting techniques.


3rd Hour we'll take our binder rolls and select the right wrapper. Those wrappers will be applied to a finished cigar. The balance of the meeting will discuss flavor notes, taste identification and cigar critiquing.


4th Hour we will smoke one our finished cigars. Discuss and design your own private label.

TABAC Bespoke Cigars


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